Road Safety

ISWAR Foundation focus shall be on Road Safety Projects which consist of 4Es, namely Support in Road Safety Engineering, Road Safety Education, Support in Road Safety Enforcement, and Road Safety Emergency Response. We understand the need of these 4Es in Road Safety to prevent Accidents and incidents.

Road safety support in enforcement:

We shall use our expertise in CCTV cameras and ANPR camera installation in main junction to provide automatic Number Plate Recognition and automatic Challan system which will act as deterrent for Road defaulters on Red signal Light Violation, High Speed Driving, Wrong side driving, Driving without helmet, etc. ISWAR Foundation shall be participating as consultant and advisory on Safe City and Smart City projects which will be supported by CSR funds.

Road Safety Education:

ISWAR Foundation shall undertake projects educating School children, College students and General Public about Rules and Regulations of Road Traffic and Dos and DONTs while Driving on Road. Our Members are trained to provide knowledge on Road Safety regulations and on Safe Driving. ISWAR Foundation wanted to have accident free nation and so educating future generation is very important in this endeavour.

Road Safety Emergency Response:

ISWAR Foundation trains the volunteers from different walks of life on Emergency response on meeting any accident. It shall provide people having knowledge on First Aid in different places and shall be able to help accident victims on the golden hour after any incident or accident.

Road Safety Engineering:

ISWAR Foundation provides engineering solutions, developed by experts with acute knowledge of Road norms, to lay main and interior roads, focussing on designs concentrated to avoid prospective accident prone spots.