When we know there is one NGO for approximately 640 Indians as on todays population, it sounds hard to justify for starting one more NGO. What we feel is that ISWAR Foundation stands as an exclusive one since it was started with the advise of an expert on CSR who have been working for the past 15 years dedicated only for CSR activities and not as additional responsibility or part time work. With the vast experience on ground level work carried out by the founders and by the consultant they have been put up to all types of trifles faced by any other NGOs and hence they can view and approach the projects from the point of view of an NGO and also as a Corporate. The founders and consultant have faced the difficulties in implementing the projects as a corporate and as an NGO and this gives them the tenacity to work on CSR activities with firm belief in success and sustainability of the project.

Secondly we found that most of the Research papers submitted on various aspects of livelihood and rural development either targeted towards end result which already planned or do not apply behavioural science of people. Behaviour pattern differs from one place to another and changes its course even due to sudden impact on the people which may be just temporary and gives wrong results and hence many papers fails in accuracy. ISWAR Foundation desires to focus on research to give more accurate results and make it as an example for others to follow.

Third part is about Awards given for CSR projects. In our opinion the Awards given for CSR practices are lacking transparency and gives lot of hope for bias and lack the true efficient evaluation and justification. It is our experience that even few awards which has gained as most prestigious lack in transparency. It is also understood that there is not much appreciation received by Corporate in South India which can motivate the companies to engage them more willingly on CSR activities. Hence we felt the need of an experienced group which can think from the view of a Corporate and which can thread barely discuss the Corporate’s contribution towards society and announce awards to motivate the companies to contribute more and more towards society. ISWAR Foundation shall be working as consulting or execution partner on CSR activities formulating CSR strategy with business strategies to provide win win condition which will be creating shared value to all stake holders.